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Fire Pump Controllers

Variable Speed Controllers

    Invented by Master Control Systems and in the field by 2003, Variable Speed Controllers are the most versatile and efficient controller on the market. A Variable Speed Controller is typically used in the following applications:

EC Controllers

    EC Controllers are Masters top of the line product, featuring a unique array of specially engineered options for maximum protection and durability. Here are just a few of the functions unique to EC Controllers:

MC Controllers

    Our standard controller, the MC Series Fire Pump Controller, is engineered to the highest standards in the industry. It surpasses NFPA 20, UL and FM requirements as well as includes extra options such as the DR Pressure and Alarm Recorder.

Diesel Controllers

    Master Diesel Controllers come in both standard DMC and DEC formats, parallel to our electric controllers. Built to the same high standards, our Diesel line is the most sturdy and reliable in the industry.
Jockey and Alarm Panels


- Variable Speed Jockey Pump

    Invented by Master Control Systems in 2010, the Variable Speed Jockey Pump Controller has several advantages over the traditional Jockey Pump Controller:
    1. Handles extremely small systems (36" and less) effectively
    2. Very smooth operation, preventing water hammer
    3. Stop pressure switch chatter without repiping the pressure sensing line

Jockey Pump Panels

    Our UL Listed Jockey Pump Controllers are built to automatically start and stop pump-motor assemblies between 1/3 to 20 horsepower for JPCEs, and 1/3 to 30 horsepower for PMCEs. They are typically used to maintain water pressures in fire sprinkler systems.
    For more information please visit our PMCE page.

Alarm Panels

Battery Chargers

MBC6 Battery Charger

- Automatic Mode Switching

    Our MBC6 Battery Chargers are listed per NFPA 110, NFPA 20, Marine and Industrial Service. They are designed for standby applications involving high battery loads of short duration which require fast recharging capabilities. Specifically, MBC6 provides:

MBC7 Battery Charger

- Manual Mode Switching

    Our MBC7 Battery Chargers are specifically designed for unattended applications requiring a highly regulated float charger. It will carry continuous or intermittent loads up to 100% of the charger rating. Specifically, MBC7 provides:
    • - 2 Rate, Float Equalize Toggle Switch

MBC19 Battery Charger

- Semi-Float, Compact Model

    Our MBC19 Battery Chargers are regulated semi-float, single rate chargers. Competitively priced but superior to unregulated "battery boiler" chargers and trickle chargers. A few example features are listed below:
Industrial Control Panels

Industrial Control Panels - Overview

    Master Control Systems manufactures Industrial Control Panels that can handle between 1 and 4 pumps at once. We also have the capability to create a custom Variable Speed panel upon request.
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